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Tools of a WIN Home Inspector in Nashville

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WIN home inspectors in Nashville are known for their tools and their thoroughness. With a list that seems a mile long, it seems impossible that they could really inspect an entire house and grounds in a matter of hours. Yet, if you’ve witnessed the training required of each team member, you already know that they are experts in their field. WIN home inspectors know how to get the job done!

Making sure your Nashville home is operating correctly and safely requires certain tools. Luckily those tools are standard issue for every Win home inspector. Tennessee requirements for licensing home inspection professionals include these tools: ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) testing tools and a flashlight.   

However WIN home inspectors in Nashville know that more tools are required to do the job well.  

Using infrared cameras and moisture readers and infrared thermometers, our professionals monitor the temperature of everything from walls to heating and cooling systems throughout your home. We check for moisture on hard to see areas and note temperature variants in wallboard. Doing so allows us to alert you to potential areas of concern, now and in the future.

Moisture damage may leave an almost untraceable outline, but with the right equipment it’s possible to catch it and even approximate when the damage occurred. Active leaks may be detected early with the right technology. As an inspector, it is important to document the source of moisture so the homeowner can accurately plan out and make repairs.

Productivity and accuracy are the name of the game when conducting home inspections, but so is safety. Our Nashville inspectors use respirators to protect against chemical, viral, bacterial, and fungal irritants. They rely on gloves, safety glasses and hard hats or helmets to keep themselves safe, which elevates comfort levels for homeowners worried about liability issues.  

Ask a WIN home inspector in Nashville about thermography and watch the tools come out.

While a standard inspection may not need specialized tools, we have them on hand in case a need arises. It’s hard to know what we may find when conducting a visual inspection of a home’s interior plumbing, electrical, heating, and central air conditioning systems. We examine the roof, attic, basement, walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows, as well as all visible structural components, such as the foundation.

We take pride in our work. The latest tools and know-how can make the difference in every home inspection. WIN inspectors use those tools and work hard to present the most accurate, detailed portrayal of your Nashville home the first time we come out. We value your business and welcome your service reviews. If at any time you don’t understand something in our report, please ask us for clarification.